Reinhard Springmann always had a dream of farming his own crop and raising his own livestock in order to have fresh grown food on the table for his family. Living in Germany at the time, he realized that the dream was more feasible with much more opportunity on the North American Continent. Reinhard started a ranch in 1982 in the Peace River region of British Columbia, near the southern section of the Alaska Highway. He realized that there was great demand for his home grown crops, bison and cattle and started on a more commercial scale. The start of a bison processing facility began in 1991 further south, in the Interior region of British Columbia. Still today, the bison ranch that surrounds the processing facility is a very historic spot as it contains visible remains of the famous Gold Rush Trail from the late 1800’s, going North towards Barkerville.

Reinhard Springmann along with his wife Gertrud and their two sons, Markus and Peter created Country Prime Meats in 1996. Over the last 20 plus years, the Springmann family has turned this facility and business into one of the largest meat snack producers in the Country. A huge focus in the last few years has been on getting back to the original roots‚ creating products that we would want to provide for our families. Products with no additives, hormones, fillers, etc. just as natural as they can be. The Springmann Family and their dedicated team at Country Prime Meats is very proud to announce their latest version of Prime Bites (for Canada) and Best Bites (for the US). Proof that continuous Dedication towards a Goal can lead to superior results. Foods that ARE healthy for you and your family in a snack format. Protein Snacks ideal for on the go, with no refrigeration and ready to eat for our busy lifestyles.

Since 1996, Country Prime Meats®, also known as CPM, has specialized in producing superior quality Canadian Meat Snacks, products that have reached international acclaim by winning several Gold Medals at food competitions in Europe. Starting out as a family owned and operated business, located in British Columbia, Canada, Country Prime Meats® mainly specializes in Co-packing (Private Label) opportunities, and also produces an In-house brand under Country Prime Meats®.

Production facilities are federally inspected, HACCP approved and SQF Level 2 Certified. Complete segregation of products and personnel is performed in a strict manner to avoid cross contamination throughout the plant. Food safety, product traceability and product consistency are of highest priority at Country Prime Meats®.


The Safe Quality Food (SQF) standard is an internationally recognized, independent food safety standard which is administered by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQFI), a division of the Food Marketing Institute (FMI). SQF certification tells the world that your Quality Management System (QMS) conforms to food safety regulations, that your organization is committed to continuous improvement of your QMS, and that your organization is a practitioner of good agricultural practices (GAPs) and good manufacturing principals (GMPs) for food.

Our company policy is to only use highest quality ingredients that are carefully selected and sourced from Canada, USA and Germany, to ensure freshness in its shelf life. Our products have no added MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), they are gluten and lactose free, contain no MDM (Mecanically Deboned Meat), no liquid smoke or colored casings and have zero trans-fats. They also contain no artificial colors or flavors. In this category of snacks, our products have among the lowest levels in sodium, cholesterol and fat. They are air dried, naturally wood smoked and fully cooked. There are many different flavors, sizes and packaging formats available. Our Shelf Stable snacks (products that do not require refrigeration), are air dried even further to a controlled and even moisture level, so we can guarantee the 18 months of shelf life.

Country Prime Meats® provides incredible customer, distributor and vendor support. Our team is very committed to provide everything it takes to complete satisfaction throughout the entire chain supply until products have reached our consumers; thus, providing them with a superior product and an amazing mouth-watering experience.

Being located in the middle of nature, we respect and want to preserve our environment as much as we can. We have been awarded in Innovation in Energy Management in 2005. Since January of 2014, 100% of the energy spent at Country Prime Meats® is considered to be carbon neutral and environmentally friendly.


Some implementation examples include:


a) Sunlight/roof heat collection system used for pre-heating and conditioning of the air is used for smokehouses and dry rooms.

b) Regenerating the heat from cooling unit compressors into hot water preparation.

c) HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilators), used all throughout the plant to recover heat, but expelling unwanted moisture (i.e. dry rooms etc.).

d) Hot water and steam creation from wood waste; from log home productions as well as pellets that come from remaining wood production - bi-products of wood scraps and Pine Beetle kill.

e) Electricity used for the plant is from Hydro dams.

f) Most motors and fans are converted to frequency drives, meaning much more electric efficiency.

g) Most of the lighting is on latest LED technology and many throughout plant are on motion sensing.

Besides our superior standards of hygiene and quality control, Country Prime Meats® has always provided a happy and healthy work setting for employees. With an amazing team effort, our staff is proud to provide their fullest support to timely produce great Canadian products with consistent quality. This, in combination with advanced production equipment and recipe formulations, is how Country Prime Meats® crafts their wholesome and delicious products.

MISSION: To Make, Distribute, and Sell the Finest Quality Snack Foods with Continued Commitment to Incorporating Wholesome, Natural Ingredients, and Promoting Business Practices that Respect Each Other, the Earth and the Environment.


VISION: To Become a Leader in Snack Food Production, Excelled by Superior Quality and Customer Service.