Wow! Mmmmmmmm! 

A scrumptious, TENDER, Pork Pepperoni in three sizes and four delicious flavours.

Convenient, meaty snacks, low in fat and packed with protein, they’re ideal for the beach,

road trips...  for ANY adventure. 

It’s the PERFECT snack food!

Our policy is to use only the  highest quality domestically sourced ingredients, carefully selected to ensure perfection & freshness over the 18 month shelf life! When you taste these snacks, you immediately 

notice the quality difference in the meaty bite! 


Country Prime Meats® uses no liquid smoke when making these super-yummy, smoky-flavoured snacks. 

You can enjoy the delicious with a clear conscience!

Everywhere you go, we can be right there with you. Road trips, adventures, sporting events, your favorite fishing hole. No problem. We’ve got you covered. Enjoy these delicious, wholesome snacks anywhere, anytime. Four fabulous flavours that need no refrigeration. Mmmmmmm!

What does this mean?  We guarantee a gluten and lactose-free, low sodium product, meaning fewer calories and a low cholesterol goodness. It’s perfect for busy people looking for a healthy, low-fat snack!

Country Prime Meats® products have no added MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) and contain no MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat). No artificial colours or flavours. No Fillers. Natural Ingredients. Just simple, honest, healthy goodness. 

These hearty meat snacks will give you an energetic boost so you can hit that trail with vigor, or walk your dog, or do the laundry... whatever you want to do, you can do it. 

Since 1996, Country Prime Meats® Ltd., a family owned and operated business, has specialized in producing superior quality Canadian Meat Snacks, products that have reached international acclaim by winning several Gold Medals at food competitions in Europe and Canada.

Our MISSION: To manufacture and distribute the finest quality Meat Snacks, with continued commitment to the highest levels of food safety and quality, manufactured from local, wholesome, natural ingredients, to promote business practices that respect one another, to support humane animal treatment, and to be as environmentally responsible as possible.