Back in 1996, when we first started to make meat snacks, we were appalled at the number of unhealthy snacks there were out there. So from the beginning, we have put a lot of energy into our recipes, using no MSG, no preservatives, colours or artificial flavours in any of our snacks. Everything we make is glucose and lactose free and high in protein for you weightwatchers

and workout fanatics.

Country Prime Meats® Best Bites™.

The PERFECT Snack Food... scrumptious,

tender, peppery, bite-sized meat snacks.

Never needs refrigeration. 


How do we make such a delicious,

low-fat product, using nothing artificial?

Because we do meat snacks ONLY,

and we do it RIGHT!

We’ve categorized Best Bites™ with three different names:
Bullet Bites™ for the outdoorsperson... wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, Saloon Bites™ because they go incredibly well with 
sudsy beverages, and Best Bites - for you. 
Because we think YOU’RE the BEST!