This is our latest product for Meat Snack Lovers. 

Why Turkey? Because it’s leaner, it’s high in protein, because it’s a source of essential amino acids... with all the deliciousness of our regular pepperoni packed into scrumptious and convenient bite-size morsels. Our two latest flavours: Himalayan (made with Himalayan Salt and a Napalan Spice Blend), and Tuscan (made with Sea Salt and a Mediterranean Spice Blend). Country Prime Meats® Prime Bites Naturals™are made with turkey that is raised without antibiotics or hormones, is nitrite free, contains no celery extract, and like all Country Prime Meats® products, are gluten and lactose free. Naturals, as well as our other products, have no added MSG (Monosodium Glutamate), contains no MSM (Mechanically Separated Meat) and are not liquid smoked. So yes, this yummy pepperoni is about as natural as you can get. 



The PERFECT Outdoor Snack Food! Delicious, tender, peppery, bite-sized pork meat snacks. In Four flavours - Salt & Pepper, Super Hot, Honey Garlic and Teriyaki. How do we make such a delicious, low-fat meat snack, using nothing artificial? Because we ONLY do meat snacks, and we do them RIGHT! 

They never need refrigeration, so they’re perfect for the road, for gaming adventures, fishing trips, you name it.

And they’re wrapped in a sturdy camo soft plastic shell, so they’ll hide out like you do. Waiting for that perfect moment. 




We hit it out of the park with this one. Our same, delicious smoked pork sausage, but in a stick. Or is it a bat? Anyway, it’s for you hungry folk that go crazy at ball parks, football stadiums, anywhere there’s lots of people like you, indulging in the finest of sports. And beer. And soda pop. And everything that goes along with the festivities. And there’s four delicious flavours to choose from. Salt & Pepper, Super Hot, Sweet Honey Garlic, and Teriyaki. 








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